What Is Data Protection, and Why Is It Important?

Business security is a multifaceted concept. It is very difficult to protect your business from the full range of possible encroachments, from large financial losses for a variety of reasons, from obvious and hidden threats of a legal nature.

Data Protection and Its Ensuring for Secure Business

Ensuring data protection and business security includes legal protection of the organization, physical security of the enterprise, raw materials and manufactured products, financial security, personnel security, emergency measures, ensuring the continuity of current business processes, and many other aspects. But practically no business at the moment can do without automation tools, the use of remote service channels, Internet services.

Ensuring information security is a paramount issue that arises not only for the owners of large and small companies, but also for ordinary users. However, in reality, a whole range of various factors is analyzed: legal, demographic, natural, cultural, and so on. We have stopped keeping cash in books, and we no longer write down important data with a pen in notebooks, but are modern services, cloud storages and folders with files on personal computers so reliable?

Of course, it is sometimes difficult to hide confidential information from intruders, but encryption allows you to provide additional data protection – the distortion of the original information using special algorithms. Text encoding was used long before the first flash drive was invented or the first email was sent. But what has changed since then, and why is encryption needed today in the presence of firewalls, antiviruses, and other effective tools? Microsoft and other responsible companies use your personal data to improve your experience with their products and services, such as helping you complete a transaction by remembering your preferences or providing you with personalized content and special offers.

Database Protection from Unauthorized Access

Data is the most valuable corporate asset for any business. No matter what industry a business is in, it is important to take care of financial statements and medical records or a business plan for a startup. A database is a structured collection of information that can be stored, analyzed, and processed using a DBMS (database management system). Databases need to be protected and regularly checked for the relevance of this protection. Using special programs and techniques, it is possible to prevent unauthorized access to a database in local networks or leakage of information that is not intended for wide publicity.

Secure data protection provides:

  • Control by a person of interference in his life by the state, private companies, etc. With the help of personal data, you can influence a person’s reputation, shape his behavior, determine his decisions and, thus, control him.
  • Freedom to change, learn, make mistakes. Development is possible only in conditions of freedom for changes and learning, including from one's mistakes. A person should have the right to make a mistake, the right to change.
  • Freedom from excuses and explanations. Human behavior is highly dependent on the opinions of other people. In order for a person to act freely, he must not restrain himself with thoughts of what others will think of him, that he may be ridiculed or condemned.
  • Control over a person's public life. With the help of personal data, important decisions are made, such as issuing a loan or license, hiring. Information affects personal and professional reputation. A person should know, for example, that they are being investigated.
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